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iEasySite Hosting Support

Uploading Instructions for Previous Versions

For Version 8...

If you recently upgraded to Version 8 and are looking for hosting from iEasySite, you can still access the iEasySite software through the Publish Assistant. iEasySite is the 3rd choice in the menu. If iEasySite option is not available, please download our simple installer. After you run it, you will be able to find iEasySite as in option in Version 8. If you still are having problems with the publisher, please call our toll free technical support line at 1-800-371-4172.

For WebEasy 7 Version...

We have recently updated our publisher for WebEasy 7. If you are not planning on upgrading, please download and install this file. This release fixes some uploading issues associated with Package Files.